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100% sur mesure

Choisissez des solutions modulaires pour optimiser la manutention de vos composants de tailles et formes variées. Vos composants aux formes complexes, étroites, larges, lourdes … sont désormais facilement transportables à chaque étape du process de fabrication et de manutention grâce aux solutions sur mesure Trilogiq. Les composants, quel que soit leur forme et leur taille, peuvent être … Continued

Improving moving and handling in food and drink production

GRAPHIT is the perfect range for sensitive and hermetic environments to help you meet the challenges your production line can produce. Optimizing workstations, introducing live storage, roller track, and carts purpose-built to store, handle and transport items, are changes that can be made to improve the layout and ergonomics of working areas and ensure produce, components and … Continued

Olympic Drinks Stations success

Having proven itself in previous London Marathons, the Trilogiq system of tubes and brackets was an obvious choice for the building of the drinking stations for London Marathons 2012. Staging the Olympic road races in the heart of London was always going to present a complex logistical challenge but, fortunately, that’s exactly what the Tube … Continued

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